Saturday, May 3, 2008

An opinion of the political work climate in Oahu

Interestingly enough during night school, someone made a comment about trouble in the work place. One of my class mates commented that the work persona in Hawaii is different that that of the mainland. In Hawaii things are more passive aggressive and it's all about who you know not necessarily what you know. This is a bit disturbing. It shows that people here would rather go about sabotaging others in a sneeky way rather than be upfront about the real issues. It shows that people here are a whole would rather hire their good friend kimo who will probably do a so-so or not so great job rather than joe who might be an excellent worker. These claims are not new, but they frustrate me. It's extremely annoying to have to deal with this type of climate that exists when you are trying not to be apart of it. In psychology I learned that one of the tests psychologists use to measure sanity is a group picture exercise. A psychologist will show a picture to a group of people and solicit individual answers. If a person continually answers differently than the group they are prompted for further evaluation. So, because I refuse to be apart of this climate does this make me abnormal? Having a different opinion can be educational. Having a different opinion can change the way things are done. Having a different opinion can create better methods of doing things. I know from experience that it is very hard to get people to envision change, especially adults. As a consumer I want to explore all options fully before spending my money on something. As a person I want to help others see it that way too. I want people to see that they don't have to be passive aggressive, because that type of behavior never promotes a solution. I want to help people give others a chance, not just because of familiarity, but because they have quality services or products. If I can do all of that then maybe things could be better, because I sure don't want to be known as coming from Hawaii the USA's most passive aggressive state. Speaking of being angry here is a fun little thing that combines anger and humor; its great. (not a pop up link)


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